Save The Damage House is new escape game by G2J. We know that you are a great fan of Escape games but that doesn’t mean you should not like puzzles. So here we present you Save The Damage House. A cocktail with an essence of both Puzzles and Escape tricks. Good luck.

Save The Damage House Walkthrough

Monkey GO Happy Cabin Escape is new point and click game by Pencilkids. The cute apes are again against us. This game will be fun again. Our little monkey is trapped once. We need to get him out of there sometime. We should hurry. We have to collect the objects around and get them out of there.

Monkey GO Happy Cabin Escape Walkthrough

Escape From Fort is free escape game by G2J. Just by looking at the fort we can say that it was built by very strong rocks. It means that there is no way to break the walls of this fort. The only way to escape from there is to solve the puzzles from different places of the fort. Good luck.

Escape From Fort Walkthrough

Rescue Bear and Cub is new escape game by G2J. We've seen many poachers and hunter stories and also rescued many poor wild animals from them. In this case bear hunters have came hunting for bears&cub. Good luck and have fun.

Rescue Bear and Cub Walkthrough

Rescue The Ants is free escape game by G2J. An ancient cave was found recently in a forest. The archaeologists found a strange device in it. Later they confirmed it as a portal device. When they're not nearby that device had been activated on its own and started to suck all things into it.

Rescue The Ants Walkthrough

Monkey GO Happy Army Base is easy point and click game by Pencilkids. The cute monkey is still at work. This time we have a military base. There are some important events happening here. Our task is to solve these events. Have fun.

Monkey GO Happy Army Base Walkthrough

Escape The Car From Shed is new escape game by G2J. The weekend has just over and all the fun our Drake has ended and it's Monday again. He brushed his teeth, took a bath, dressed up well and came out to start to his office.

Escape The Car From Shed Walkthrough

A Man Rescue is free escape game by G2J. In an IT company there is this gang of friends who was known as 'The Mischievous Gang'. As the name says they are very naughty and mischievous. They'll do something mischievous daily and other colleagues become victim of their nasty plans.

A Man Rescue Walkthrough

Cartoon House Escape is free escape game by MeenaGames. Imagine that while you went to visit the cartoon house, you locked inside the house, unfortunately.You have to escape from the house by finding useful clues to solve puzzles to get keys to unlock the door to escape.

Cartoon House Escape Walkthrough

Aboriginal Man Rescue is new escape game by G2J. In the middle of a dense forest there lives the native people of that country (present majority population of that country are modern immigrants from surrounding developing countries) who still follows ancient lifestyle.

Aboriginal Man Rescue Walkthrough

Ravenous Horse Rescue is new point and click game by G2J. The concept of this game is to feeding Hay for the hungry Horse. Now, you need to find the Hay for Horse by using the clues and by solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun.

Ravenous Horse Rescue Walkthrough

Escape From Fantasy House is new escaping game by G2J.In this game, the house looks very beautiful. But the house is locked completely and the key is hidden. To escape from the house you have to find out the house key. Use your brilliance to find the hidden objects and solve the puzzle to get the house key.

Escape From Fantasy House Walkthrough

End of Summer is free escaping game by Amajeto. Summer is almost over. Every season is beautiful in fact. We are in a very beautiful house. But we have some problems. We have to solve these problems. We have to gather clues in the environment for that. In this way we can get rid of the house.

End of Summer Walkthrough

Foal Rescue is new escape game by G2J. A horse family is living in a forest. The father horse was kidnapped and killed by evil hunters and they locked the mother horse and their foal in different places, Untie the foal and let the family reunite.

Foal Rescue Walkthrough

Inside Train Escape is new escape game by Eightgames. Thomas was in that train for selling the sweet corn. But till now he did not return. So, I think he has trapped in that train inside and its surrounding area. I am so fear about him.

Inside Train Escape Walkthrough

Lover Rescue is new escaping game by G2J. Our friend's lover has been locked up inside her house by her father. Her father doesn't like their relationship and he wants her to marry a boy whom he have chosen already. In this game you are gonna play her lover's character.

Lover Rescue Walkthrough

Basement Room Escape is new point and click game by G2J. There's a very brilliant boy in the town. Some prick shave kidnapped him and locked him up in abasement room far away from the hometown.You are somehow into his mind using the mind-transfer technique by accident.

Basement Room Escape Walkthrough

Firefighter Escape is mystery escape game by Coolbuddy. You need to stay calm and put out the fire before it escalates. And then find a way out and tell others what happened. Godd luck and have fun.

Firefighter Escape Walkthrough

Vegetable House Escape is new escape game by G2J. A farmer lives in a place far from city. He has a farm field there and a beautiful home. Planting vegetables, growing them and selling them at city market is his usual occupation, Agriculture when explained in single word.

Vegetable House Escape Walkthrough

Oddball Escapes The Biosphere is cute escaping game by artkivez. Solve puzzles and exit this place. Oddball got separated from his family while on a tour of the Biosphere. Unfortunately he was locked inside. Help Oddball escape the Biosphere! Good luck and have fun.

Oddball Escapes The Biosphere Walkthrough

Seeds Rescue is new escape game by G2J. Here we go again with another farmer's game. In this story our farmer have left the seeds outside in the sun for drying up since a little dried up seeds grow faster. Some birds which were flying above those grounds saw these seeds and started feeding on them.

Seeds Rescue Escape Walkthrough

Escape Plan: Island is easy point and click game by Flonga. You wanted to book a trip to this beautiful island, and the tour option was really cheap. Now that you're on the island, you know why it was cheap! Your psychopathic tour guide is playing games on you!

Escape Plan: Island Walkthrough

Vacation Villa Escape is new point and click game by Games2jolly. You fell asleep and in your dream you see yourself locked up in a Villa house in which you were staying. You need to escape from there ASAP before something happen to you in your sleep.

Vacation Villa Escape Escape Walkthrough

Small Boy House Escape is funy escaping game by Games2jolly. Our small boy was kidnapped by some gangsters who work for an evil businessman who is an enemy in business to her dad. The business controversy turned into a personal grudge and that's the reason for small boy's kidnapping.

Small Boy House Escape Walkthrough

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