Agent Sneaky is new online adventure game by Melting-Mindz.You are Super Sneaky Spy Guy, the best spy in town. Check out your awesome office! Now before it's too late, take a look at your mission and get going! Good luck and have fun.

Agent Sneaky Walkthrough

The Lost Rooms: Basement is hard but fun escape game by Barking Games. You are stuck in darkness and don’t know what to do. Feel your way around and try to work out how to escape. Use the mouse to interact, pickup items etc. You can use the arrow keys to move around the room. Have fun.

Barking Games The Lost Rooms Basement Walkthrough

Turkey Forest Escape 1 is another online poit and click game by Melting-Mindz. You followed the turkey through the forest and now you are lost! It's starting to get late so you should try to find some shelter, food and maybe start a fire to survive the night! Have fun.

Turkey Forest Escape Day 1 Walkthrough

Escape Plan: Underground is funny escape game by Oyunlar1. You woke up in a strange place. It can be an underground sewer! You don't know how you ended up here but you know that you need to escape. Examine the items carefully and take them if you can. Use the items and solve puzzles to escape!

Escape Plan: Underground Walkthrough

Stunning House Escape is another escape the room game by 123Bee. Imagine that you are trapped inside this house. You have to escape from the house by using the clues and objects available in the house as there is no key or electronic device to open the door. Have fun.

Stunning House Escape Walkthrough

Maggie Saw Game is enjoyable point and click online game by InkaGames. The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Homer. Evil Pigsaw will force Maggie to play his twisted game. Help Maggie win the game before it's too late. Have fun.

Maggie Simpson Saw Game Walkthrough

Lost House Escape is new escaping game by Games2rule. In this holiday someone trapped you inside in a house. The door of the house is locked from outside. You have to escape from there by finding useful scary object hints and solving puzzle. Try to find the key of the door.

Lost House Escape Walkthrough

Sagrario's Room is amazing escape game by Valentin Sagrairo. This game will please you all. Because the graphics are very nice, fun to play, the puzzles are very special, and much more... If you need help, you might find the video link at the bottom of the game. Have fun.

Sagrario's Room Walkthrough

Escape From The Yacht is missing objects game by 123Bee. A jilted lover kidnaps his girlfriend and keeps her hostage in a yacht with the intention of forcing her to marry him. Being trapped in the yacht, she doesn’t know how to escape. Help the girl to escape from the yacht. Have fun.

Escape From The Yacht Walkthrough

Keys Room Escape is colorful finding game by Games2rule. You went out another city for office work and you stayed in a hotel. Now your work is finished so after staying one night there, you are fully ready to go back your home. No one there for your help.

Keys Room Escape Walkthrough

Dragon Room Escape is fantastic room escape game by Eightgames. You are planning to go trip with your friends. While travelling you noticed a room which is far away. You just entered into the room and that is a dilapidated dragon room. Suddenly the main door is locked inside.

Dragon Escape Walkthrough

Bio Dome Escape Day 1 is new point and click game by Melting-Mindz. You signed up to become a research volunteer at the new Bio-Tech, Bio Dome. You knew it was experimental and that's about it. You didn't realize that once you went into the Bio Dome you would be locked inside.

Bio Dome Escape Walkthrough

Canny Escape is easy and fun escaping game by Eightgames. When you are in the home lonely, the main door was locked itself. Immediately you want to come out. And you know that there are some hints and puzzles to escape. Solve all the puzzles by using your skill and make a Canny Escape!

Canny Escape Walkthrough

Turkey Cottage Escape is new escape game by G2R. He is trapped the turkey in a private cottage house. You have to find that turkey and make her escape from their by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the cottage. Click on the objects to interact and solve puzzles.

Turkey Cottage Escape Walkthrough

Dark Island Escape is dark but funny escape game by CrazyEscape. It is an amazing point and click adventure in which you have to escape from the creepy island by finding items and solving easy puzzles. Do not be fooled into darkness, the game is very enjoyable. Have fun.

Dark Island Escape Walkthrough

Must Escape The Pet Shop is nice point and click game by Flonga. You spent so much time at the pet shop that you don't remember how you fell asleep! You must be exhausted taking care of these cute creatures! Search for useful items and deactivate the alarm system to escape the Pet Shop! Have fun.

Must Escape The Pet Shop Walkthrough

Escape from Study Room is new escaping game by 123Bee. One day, his aunt gets ready to go out and told him the main door code number since he doesn't know. But, the boy did not hear the code number properly because he was concentrating on video games. Have fun.

Escape from Study Room Walkthrough

Crime Story Escape Factory 1 is cool escape game by Games2rule. You are a private detective so police hire you for solving this complicated and mysterious case. You have to solve this case without caught by any one because you are an undercover detective so you have to solve this case.

Crime Story Escape Factory 1 Walkthrough

Schoolhouse Escape is online point and click game by Games2rule. Today you have not completed your homework so the teacher asked you to complete. After you completing the work there is no one with you. And you don’t have the access card of the door also. Have fun.

Schoolhouse Escape Walkthrough

Desert Survival Escape 2 is new escaping by Melting-Mindz. You were cruising through the desert in your new Jeep, when all of a sudden a dirt devil came out of nowhere! Your Jeep was taken away and you were thrown into a big pile of sand! Now you must survive and escape the desert! Have fun.

Desert Survival Escape Walkthrough

Escape The Artist is enjoyable hidden object game by 123Bee. An artist with his family stays in the well designed interior house. One day, his parents go out by locking the door as he was sleeping. After some time, he wakes up and takes the newspaper to read. Have fun.

Escape The Artist Walkthrough

Outrageous Garage Escape is new puzzle game by Eightgames. You have to get out of here.Your mission is to escape from the garage. Come up with a clever escape plan. However, to do this, youll need to gather some items and use those items in solving puzzles.

Outrageous Garage Escape Walkthrough

Must Escape The Lighthouse Island is new point and click game by Flonga. Your boat sank and you found yourself on a deserted island. There's no one around but strangely, there are locked houses as if someone was living here not so long ago. You wouldn't survive here long, you should find a way out really fast!

Must Escape The Lighthouse Island Walkthrough

Escape For The Exam is new escape game by 123Bee. One day, early morning, the doctor gets an urgent call and so he locks the house and leaves while his son is sleeping inside. When the boy wakes up, he notices that his dad is not at home and the door is also locked.

Escape For The Exam Walkthrough

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