Manor Escape is dark but funny and easy escaping game by Wowescape. You are trapped inside the manor house use your best escaping skills and escape from this house. Have fun.

Manor Escape Walkthrough

Eien is adorable online point and click game by pastelgames (Mateusz Skutnik). Are trying to get inside, or escape? You decide. Enter Eien and make your way through the strangest structures of the labyrinth. Good luck and have fun.

Eien Walkthrough

Army Exposition Escape is funny escape game by oceandesjeux. You have always been curious and this time your curiosity leads you to visit a special exhibition on the theme of the army. What is special about this event is the tank that will be exposed exclusively.

Army Exposition Escape Walkthrough

Hurry Burry Escape is cute kidnap game by 123Bee. A man borrows the key of his friend’s house, as he wants to stay there for a few days. On the day of his return flight, in a hurry-burry, forgets where the key is kept. Now, he needs to find the key and escape before he is late for his flight. Have fun.

Hurry Burry Escape Walkthrough

Sneaky Explorer City Day 2 is newest point and click game by Melting-Mindz. Good morning! Yesterday Peter was about to tell you a secret and then he ran home. Today you are supposed to meet him in front of his house to learn the secret. Get up and get going! Have fun.

Sneaky Explorer City 2 Walkthrough

Caribbean Beach Escape is colorful escaping game by Eightgames. A crew of people was celebrating the party in a beach and late after the party a person has locked inside the beach resort. They could not find the ways to escape from the beach resort. Help him to find the clues and object to open the doorway.

Caribbean Beach Escape Walkthrough

Escape Loca's Cat Room is easy point and click game by newgrounds. Find three items to plug in three slots, and you can escape from cat room! It’s a game be made for my friend, Luca Lucapedia Manca’s birthday. Good luck and have fun.

Escape Loca's Cat Room Walkthrough

Escape From The Aunt House is another escaping game by 123Bee. A boy visits his aunt's home for his vacation. One day, his aunt gets ready to go out and told him the main door code number since he doesn't know. But, the boy did not hear the code number properly because he was concentrating on games.

Escape From The Aunt House Walkthrough

Unlock and Escape is different type adventure game by 123Bee. Once Bobby visits his next door Jack's house and they were playing together. After a few hours Jack goes out for some reason and in the meantime Jack's parents come and take him to his Uncle's Funeral.

Unlock and Escape Walkthrough

Sneaky Explorer The City Day 1 is enjoyable online point and click game by Melting-Mindz. You just became a member of the Junior Explorer Club. There's a secret hidden somewhere in the city and you are going to find it! Good luck and have fun.

Sneaky Explorer The City 1 Walkthrough

Workplace Escape is new point and click game by Wowescape. Your boss asked you to come office for a urgent work . So you went there worked throughout evening. It’s a closing time of workplace. Unfortunately guard did not see you inside the workplace and he closes the door of workplace and went home.

Workplace Escape Walkthrough

Alaska Survival Escape Day 2 is new point click online game by Melting-Mindz. You and your friend Bill made it through the night in treacherous Alaska! It's time to get moving and start looking for help. Be careful. Good luck and have fun.

Alaska Survival Escape 2 Walkthrough

Escape from Basement House is new escaping game by 123Bee. A billiard player invites his friend to play billiard in his basement house. On receiving an urgent call leaves out, informing his maid to ask his friend to stay in a room. But, unfortunately the maid locks the door by forgetting that the person is inside.

Escape from Basement House Walkthrough

Forest Hut Escape is new escape game by Wowescape. A don't miss game for all adventure lovers! You decided for an adventurous trip to the forest. Unexpectedly you get lost in the midst of the forest. A big slam, someone hit you at the head and made you unconscious.

Forest Hut Escape Walkthrough

Alaska Survival Escape is cool escaping game by Melting-Mindz. You were on your way with your best friend Bill to Alaska for a hunting expedition. A winter storm developed all of a sudden in the path of your tiny passenger plane. You have no idea exactly where you, all you know is you need to survive! Have fun.

Alaska Survival Escape Walkthrough

Basketball Arena Escape is too long and hard escape game by Gamershood. Developed bu Cengiz Turk. Where you are locked into the basketball arena. Investigate the arena and try to find items what might help you to escape! Have fun.

Basketball Arena Escape Walkthrough

Sneaky House of Mystery is newest point and click game by Melting-Mindz. He designed this house with you in mind. Now wasn't that nice of him? He loves creating puzzles and hiding things all about, in hopes that you will come and find them. This is what puts a smile on his face. So how about you jump in and try escape.

Sneaky House of Mystery Walkthrough

Police Car Park Escape is difference type escape game by Game2P. In this game, you are working late and locked in a police underground car park and you try to escape by finding items and solving puzzles. Have fun and good luck.

Police Car Park Escape Walkthrough

Escape from The Poltergeist is new point and click game by 123Bee. A mom leaves her daughter at home and goes out on an errand to return next morning. In the night while sleeping, the daughter hears some scary noises and gets scared. Now the girl wants to leave the house as soon as possible.

Escape from The Poltergeist Walkthrough

Crazy Penguin Escape is a funny point and click game by Eightgames. A penguin found caught in a trap in the Artic zone. Can you start the risk mission,find the clues,solve the puzzles and set free the penguin? Good luck and have fun.

Crazy Penguin Escape Walkthrough

Abducted by Aliens is another point and click game by Melting-Mindz. You were checking out the stars in your new telescope when you saw something strange. A UFO came down out of the sky and abducted you. Now you must figure out how to escape! Have fun.

Abducted by Aliens Walkthrough

Sophisticated House Escape is fantastic point click game by 123Bee. An Absent minded professor, living in this sophisticated house, wants to go college but he forgets where the key is. Help the professor to find the key and escape from the house. Good luck.

Sophisticated House Escape Walkthrough

The Shotgun Princess: Escape 1 is most popular point and click game by Luke. Don't be concerned and keep trying to solve the other puzzles. There are different tasks you must complete before you are able to pick up some of the other items. Have fun.

Shotgun Princess: Escape Walkthrough

Wilderness Survive Escape Day 2 is another adventure game by Melting-Mindz. You made it through the night alone in the wilderness. Now it's time to get moving. There are several ranger stations around and you need to find one. There are wild animals all around so you should be careful. Have fun.

Wilderness Survive Escape 2 Walkthrough

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