Scientist Rescue is colorful monster game by games2jolly. He's currently working on a project to develop a mutative creature. While he was working something went wrong and the mutative creature turned violent. He have no other way to escape from that creature.

Scientist Rescue Walkthrough

Kings Secret Tunnel Escape is new escaping game by Eightgames. A king got a message from his spy that his enemy is coming to capture his kingdom. There is no time to assemble the soldiers to put up a fight and save his kingdom. So he planned to escape through the secret tunnel. Have fun.

Kings Secret Tunnel Escape Walkthrough

Escape: The Old Man is cool escape game by 123Bee. An old man goes for a walk and suddenly falls unconscious. After some time, when he wakes up, he finds himself in a strange house with no people. He then decides to escape from the house before something happens.

The Old Man Escape Walkthrough

Park Del Amo Apartment is best kidnap game by Eightgames. A man is staying in the Park Del Amo apartment. Suddenly he finds that the door is locked inside. When he tries to contact the service room, he finds that the telephone line is out of order.

Park Del Amo Apartment Escape Walkthrough

Pyramid Tomb Escape is new escape game by Games2rule. In this new escape game you went for research about the pyramids and tombs, in that place there are so may pyramids. While watching and researching all pyramids you are get lost on your way out. Now what you will do?

Pyramid Tomb Escape Walkthrough

Flopad: Deep Cover is new point and click game by Flonga. Are you ready for a new mission? This time, you will be deep undercover, so you need to be very careful. You mission is to retrieve an antivenom held in a secret lab. Please check your Flopad for further details. Have fun.

Flopad: Deep Cover Walkthrough

Castle Pony Escape is funny adventure game by games2jolly. There is a poor pony locked inside a beautiful castle and the castle will turn down into pieces in a while. You have a very little time for saving that poor thing. Use the clues and objects in the castle wisely to set free that pony. Have fun.

Castle Pony Escape Walkthrough

Airport Lounge Escape is funny escaping game by Eightgames. You are waiting in the airport lounge for the flight. After the announcement all the travelers are going out. Suddenly you struck up alone in the waiting area, but the same time you have to catch the flight at the right time. Have fun.

Airport Lounge Room Escape Walkthrough

Mini Escape: Forest is cute escape game by Wowescape. There is outside of forest big wall and only one door for escape from there. The door is closed by somebody from outside. So, you have to escape from that forest castle. Find the main door key.

Mini Escape: Forest Walkthrough

The Fish Escape is another escaping game by 123Bee. Two fishes were very close to each other. On an outing, one of the fish is captured and the jailor locks it inside the jail. When the other fish comes to know that his friend is in the jail, he goes and asks to release his friend, but the jailor refuses his request.

The Fish Escape Walkthrough

Monkey GO Happy Western Part 2 is funny adventure type point and click game by Pencilkids. Another exciting Western Adventure. Find the hidden Treasure and make the Monkey GO Happy! Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Have fun.

Monkey GO Happy Western 2 Walkthrough

Cutaway Haunted House is new point and click game by Games2rule. This house is so far from city. This house is looking so scary and you are alone there, you have heard some scary noises also, at that house. You want to escape from there soon. There is only one way of escape.

Cutaway Haunted House Escape Walkthrough

Cowboys Great Escape is new escape game by 5NGAMES. In this game, a cowboy is locked behind the door in trying to get hold of a pistol which he was longing to possess for a long time. Somehow he managed to get into the house when the door was open.

Cowboys Great Escape Walkthrough

Medieval Survival part one is fun escaping game by Melting-Mindz. You were on vacation in Germany and you were somehow transported to the past! Now you must figure out how to survive! With all of your knowledge, it shouldn't be too hard, right? Have fun.

Medieval Survival Escape Walkthrough

Chemical Laboratory Escape is adventure type puzzle game by Eightgames. While you are in the Chemistry lab for laboratory work, the door automatically locked itself. There are some clues and puzzles. Solve the puzzles and find the hints by using chemicals which are placed in the lab.

Chemical Laboratory Escape Walkthrough

Escape Plan: Office is new escape game by oyunlar1. You love your job and your office. Today, after work, you felt someone behind and then, nothing. You woke up in the office in the middle of the night. You need to collect clues, solve puzzles that this mysterious person prepared for you and escape the office!

Escape Plan: Office Walkthrough

Freezing Island Escape is funny kidnap game by Eightgames. A Man reached the island with his friends to enjoy the vacation period. But the whole island is covered with frosty weather. Unfortunately, all the friends have left him alone. He wants to escape from the island before the end of the day. Have fun.

Freezing Island Escape Walkthrough

Shipwreck Island Escape Day 1 is cute escaping game by Melting-Mindz. You and your Grandpa went on his yacht for a 10 day cruise. A storm came up out of nowhere and sunk the yacht. You were both lucky to wash up on an island. Now you both must figure out how to survive! Have fun.

Shipwreck Island Escape Walkthrough

Conference Hall Escape is new point and click game by G2R. Today is conference in your office. After finishing the conference you fell asleep. Suddenly everyone in the office disappeared and you were left alone in conference hall. How you will feel?

Conference Hall Escape Walkthrough

Escape Snowy Mountain is simple escaping game by Flonga.You were traveling by your private plane when the engine caught fire because of a bird strike. You've made an emergency landing on the snowy mountain to survive, but it seems like there isn't anyone to really help you. Can you find a way to escape safely?

Escape Snowy Mountain Walkthrough

Carabanchel Prison Escape is hard escaping game by Eightgames. David is in the Prison without involving any violence. Now he wants to escape from the Prison to prove that he is not related to any criminal activities. Some clues and simple puzzles are placed in the prison to solve.

Carabanchel Prison Escape Walkthrough

Monkey GO Happy Western is educational point and click game by Pencilkids. Explore the Wild West and summon the Indian Chief to make the Monkey GO Happy! Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen.Have fun.

Monkey GO Happy Western Walkthrough

Escape from Tv Studio is new escape game by 123Bee. A man got selected in an interview at the TV studio and next day, he gets a call for the first shoot. He gives the best and at last, after the work while everyone leave the place, the servant locks the door unaware that the guy who joined that day is remaining inside.

Escape from Tv Studio Walkthrough

Abandoned In China is dark but fun eacape game by Melting-Mindz. You are in China on a business trip. After a long day you had a few drinks and then went to bed in your hotel. You just woke up in the middle of the street! You aren't sure where you are or how to get back! Look around, collect items! Have fun.

Abandoned In China Walkthrough

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