Freezing Island Escape is funny kidnap game by Eightgames. A Man reached the island with his friends to enjoy the vacation period. But the whole island is covered with frosty weather. Unfortunately, all the friends have left him alone. He wants to escape from the island before the end of the day. Have fun.

Freezing Island Escape Walkthrough

Shipwreck Island Escape Day 1 is cute escaping game by Melting-Mindz. You and your Grandpa went on his yacht for a 10 day cruise. A storm came up out of nowhere and sunk the yacht. You were both lucky to wash up on an island. Now you both must figure out how to survive! Have fun.

Shipwreck Island Escape Walkthrough

Conference Hall Escape is new point and click game by G2R. Today is conference in your office. After finishing the conference you fell asleep. Suddenly everyone in the office disappeared and you were left alone in conference hall. How you will feel?

Conference Hall Escape Walkthrough

Escape Snowy Mountain is simple escaping game by Flonga.You were traveling by your private plane when the engine caught fire because of a bird strike. You've made an emergency landing on the snowy mountain to survive, but it seems like there isn't anyone to really help you. Can you find a way to escape safely?

Escape Snowy Mountain Walkthrough

Carabanchel Prison Escape is hard escaping game by Eightgames. David is in the Prison without involving any violence. Now he wants to escape from the Prison to prove that he is not related to any criminal activities. Some clues and simple puzzles are placed in the prison to solve.

Carabanchel Prison Escape Walkthrough

Monkey GO Happy Western is educational point and click game by Pencilkids. Explore the Wild West and summon the Indian Chief to make the Monkey GO Happy! Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen.Have fun.

Monkey GO Happy Western Walkthrough

Escape from Tv Studio is new escape game by 123Bee. A man got selected in an interview at the TV studio and next day, he gets a call for the first shoot. He gives the best and at last, after the work while everyone leave the place, the servant locks the door unaware that the guy who joined that day is remaining inside.

Escape from Tv Studio Walkthrough

Abandoned In China is dark but fun eacape game by Melting-Mindz. You are in China on a business trip. After a long day you had a few drinks and then went to bed in your hotel. You just woke up in the middle of the street! You aren't sure where you are or how to get back! Look around, collect items! Have fun.

Abandoned In China Walkthrough

Lucas Castle Escape is funny point and click game by InkaGames. Lucas has fallen into a subterranean maze by accident. Help him escape! Use the mouse to point and click and perform any of these actions: Hand, Mouth, Eye. Have fun.

Lucas Castle Escape Walkthrough

Girlish Room Escape is cute puzzle game by Eightgames. The Girl is getting ready for the party. While trying to go out she found that the door is automatically locked. There are some clues and simple puzzles to solve. Can you help the girl to escape from the room by interacting with the objects?

Girlish Room Escape Walkthrough

Sneaky Castle Treasure is mystery adventure game by Melting-Mindz. Sneaky is from a long line of Royalty. His Great Aunt Gertrude recently left him her castle. Cousin Leonard isn't very happy about this. He mentioned that there was treasure hidden somewhere inside the castle.

Sneaky Castle Treasure Walkthrough

Duck Escape is short but funny escape game by yoopy. Help Duck to Escape from the cage by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the farm. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Have fun.

Duck Escape Walkthrough

Find Sneaky Ski Cabin is funny point and click game by Melting-Mindz. You and your cat Sneaky went to the ski cabin. Sneaky loves hiding from you and you love finding him! Look around, collect items and solve puzzles to find Sneaky! Good luck and have fun playing!

Find Sneaky Ski Cabin Walkthrough

Must Escape Dragon Cave is original escape game by Flonga. You were visiting the Dragon Cave when you felt really tired. So you lied down on a bench and fell asleep. When you woke up everyone was gone and the door was locked! You have to find a way out of here fast! Have fun.

Must Escape Dragon Cave Walkthrough

This game is like submachine series. Abandoned is the first part of big story about parallel worlds. Those worlds are very strange, because people left it forever. So, you should explore those worlds and find your brother who dedicate his life for finding out the way to Abandoned and disappeared there.

Abandoned Walkthrough

New Year Night Escape is logical adventure game by 123Bee. I decided to spend this new year's night with my lover. But my dad who didn't like this, locked me inside this house. Help me to escape from this house and to meet my lover in this New Year Night. Have fun.

New Year Night Escape Walkthrough

Malicious Snake Cave Escape is mystery point and click game by Eightgames. Unfortunately, you entered into the Cave, which is the residence of the Snake.You have to escape from the Cave immediately, but the Snake is brooding near the exit door. There are some hidden objects and simple puzzles to solve.

Malicious Snake Cave Escape Walkthrough

Pet Escape is nostalgic escaping game by 123Bee. We will be releasing escape games on every Mondays and Thursdays. Your pet is caught in mouse trap and you are sitting on the top of a tree. You can’t get down, as dangerous animals surround the area. Have fun.

Cave Room Escape Walkthrough

Hotel Zen Room Escape is new escaping game by Eightgames. You are enjoying the weekend with your friends and planned to go hotel Zen for dinner. You are lonely staying there and the security locked the hotel main door without seeing you. There are some clues and simple puzzles to solve. Have fun.

Hotel Zen Room Escape Walkthrough

Bermuda Escape is vintage escaping game by Mateusz Skutnik. Use mouse to navigate find clickable areas and objects to collect in order to solve th puzzle. Right click for more options. Have fun.

Bermuda Escape Walkthrough

Willow Bend Street is new escape game by Eightgames. While you are walking in the street, the road was blocked. There is no way to take a diversion. There is only the option that has entered into the nearby house and open the exit door you can get the way to continue the travelling.

Willow Bend Street Walkthrough

Charger Escape is nostalgic point click game by Mateusz Skutnik and Arcadetown. Use mouse to search the location and find items, use them to solve the mystery puzzle. Have fun.

Charger Escape Walkthrough

Momu Escape is old but funny online point and click game by Rooms2Escape. Colorful escape game with Momu! She needs your help escaping the room. Collect items and solve simpe puzzles to help Momu Escape. Good luck and have fun.

Momu Escape Walkthrough

Old Spanish Treasure Cave Escape is cute escaping game by Eightgames. You are noticing the Treasure room which is placed in the forest and open it by incantation. After collecting all the Treasures and when you come to open the door just you forget the incantation.

Old Spanish Treasure Cave Escape Walkthrough

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