Must Escape the Bakery is cute point and click game by Flonga. I've just came into my favorite bakery to buy some delicious muffins and donuts, but there is obviously not a single person around. Bad luck, I think I should leave, because no one is coming to help. But wait a minute, why the door is locked?

Must Escape the Bakery Walkthrough

Outlaw’s Escape is nice point and click game by coolbuddy. They found you robbing a bank, luckily you managed to hide. Now it's time to escape! I can't go out through the front door. They are waiting for me outside. I think I'll need a diversion to get out of this one... Have fun.

Outlaw’s Escape Walkthrough

A Brilliant Escape is new escaping game by 123Bee. Imagine that tomorrow is your exam so you went to your friend's house to study but unexpectedly, your friend locked the door and goes outside. You gotta search for a spare key to come out from the house. Have fun.

A Brilliant Escape Walkthrough

Hurry and Escape the Roof is new point click game by OY1. You don't remember anything about how you ended up here, but you need to find a way out! You need to pay attention to the clues and collect anything that might help you escape. Put the items to the inventory above, and use them when necessary.

Hurry and Escape the Roof Walkthrough

Must Escape the Fortress is another adventure game by Flonga. The king and his mighty knights should have left to defend the upper castle. Seems there is no one here now, there is also no reason to stay here anymore! it's time for you to escape the fortress before things get more dangerous. Have fun.

Must Escape the Fortress Walkthrough

Cody Crazy Zoo is cupe point and click game by InkaGames. Help Cody Jones solve a strange mistery in a Zoo. Use the mouse to point and click and perform any of these actions: Hand (grab, move, etc.) , Mouth (talk, bite, etc). Eye (Look at, etc). Have fun.

InkaGames Cody Crazy Zoo Walkthrough

Max Skyler: Stolen Relic is new point click game by flonga. The governor's relic has been stolen and you are the only one who can get it back! Take the role of the private detective, Max Skyler, and investigate the crime by following the clues. Check your e-mails for your missions. Have fun.

Flonga Max Skyler: Stolen Relic Walkthrough

Wow Authentic Classroom Escape is new escaping game by Wowescape. Today you are not complete your homework so your teacher given you punishment or that and he is Trappe you inside your class. Now school time is over everyone went house but you are lonely trapped in your school? Have fun.

Authentic Classroom Escape Walkthrough

Submachine 9: The Temple is amazing one of point and click game series by Mateusz Skutnik. Enter the new chapter in the Submachine saga. Explore the temple and the secrets hidden within it's ancient walls. Good luck and hve fun.

Submachine 9: The Temple Walkthrough

Royal Guest House Escape is new finding game by 123Bee. You were enjoying the luxury all alone in the guest house. when you about to exit for sight seeing, you realized that someone locked the main door from outside. Are you going to wait for someone to help or take necessary steps to escape from that place?

Royal Guest House Escape Walkthrough

You are a business man; your business is of export and import through Sea. But today is bad day for you because some pirates trapped you and your ship. What will you do? Your life is in danger. If you will not escape from there then maybe they will kill you. You should think mediate about escape from there.

Wow Pirates Ship Escape Walkthrough

A great challenge is going on your town. An anonymous has bet 1 million dollars for those who escape from this “House Of Fear” alive!! Rule is simple, you will be locked in this house all alone and the clues will be scattered and hided in the various parts of the house. Have fun.

Escape: House Of Fear Walkthrough

Cast Aside Escape is cute kidnap game by Games2rule. In this game you are trapped inside a cast aside house. There is no one at house or near to house for helping you. You have to escape from there by using that’s house objects and solving the entire puzzle. Have fun.

Cast Aside Escape Walkthrough

Rocket Escape Game is best graphics point and click by Games4king. Assume that you are in a documentary crew traveling through the jungle on a National Geographic survey of that jungle, you are unaware of the trouble that will occur. You got into a trouble made by animals over there. Have fun.

Rocket Escape Walkthrough

Escape From The Trickster is new room escaping game by 123Bee. Knowing this, you went to your partner’s house to meet him. But he trickily locked you in his house and rushing to airport to escape from the city. Are you going to lag in this house or rush to capture him? Have fun.

Escape From The Trickster Walkthrough

Haunted Mansion Escape is new mystery escape game by 123Bee. Since, I am so curious, I went there. The place looks creepy & haunted. The sudden strange sounds threatens me, so i decided to get-rid off this place. But the main door got jammed and i couldn't open it.

Haunted Mansion Escape Walkthrough

Alien Planet Escape is new point and click escaping game by 123Bee. Imagine a world full of Aliens. And you are trapped there. Try to get out of that place. With the help of the aliens themselves. Use mouse to interact. Good luck and have fun.

Alien Planet Escape Walkthrough

Escape From My Office is another point and clickgame by 123Bee. Getting Trapped is always a terrible grief. Just put you in a situation that you got trapped inside your own office. With noticing your existence, office boy locked you and went out. Now it's time to break out. Have fun.

Escape From My Office Walkthrough

Yoyos Escape is enjoyable new finding game by Wowescape. Today you were to the your friend's house for playing, but your friend was not at the house and you are trapped in his modern house. You are confused about way of escape. Have fun.

Wow Yoyos Escape Walkthrough

Escape From Mini Flat is hard escaping game by 123Bee. Now we are going to lock in a mini flat with numerous puzzles in it. Your only task is to escape from this place, so explore the view to find the clues and correlate them in logical or illogical way to find the way of escape. Have fun.

Escape From Mini Flat Walkthrough

Cutaway Escape Free Style 3 is nice point and clikc game by Games2rule. On these holidays your father is angry with you. He trapped you in the house and locked the doors and gone to his office. You have to go to play with your friends because they are waiting for you. But how will you go? Have fun.

Cutaway Escape Free Style 3 Walkthrough

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