Nekra Psaria 3 is different type escaping game by Play Chocolate. Would you like to play different graphic game? Third part of point and click game about strange dark world called Nekra Psaria. Have fun.

Nekra Psaria Part 3 Walkthrough

Luxury Creekside Ranch House Escape is new escape game by Eightgames. A man went to his luxury ranch house for the weekend. The security of the house did not know this and closed the house and went away. Find the clues and solve the puzzles and help the man to come out.

Luxury Creekside Ranch House Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned in Ireland is scary point and click game by Melting-Mindz. While on vacation in Ireland you got separated from your group. You waited for a while and then started walking toward town. Upon arriving you realized that the town was abandoned. Now you are all alone, abandoned in Ireland.

Abandoned in Ireland Walkthrough

Milkcow Escape is new point and click game by Wowescape. In this game someone trapped a cow in a dangerous forest. No one is there to help him to escape. You have to help the cow to escape into the cage. Escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle.

Milkcow Escape Walkthrough

Steampunk Fortress Escape is new escaping game by Eightgames. A man trapped in the Steampunk Fortress. Unfortunately the door is locked inside. There is no one to help him. There are some clues, objects and puzzles using which you can solve the situation. Have fun.

Steampunk Fortress Escape Walkthrough

Monkey GO Happy Eggs is amazing point and click game by Pencilkids. Monkey GO Happy Eggs is a special Easter adventure. Find all 100 Eggs to make the Monkey GO Happy! Pick one of seven Monkeys, pick a hat and point and click your way through puzzles and more! Have fun.

Monkey GO Happy Eggs Walkthrough

Escape Plan: Museum is easy escaping game by OY1. Welcome to the museum! Unfortunately, you're not here to see artwork. Instead, you'll try to escape as soon as possible because you're locked inside! Look around to find clues and solve puzzles to escape the museum! Have fun.

Escape Plan: Museum Walkthrough

Escape Mad Scientist Workshop is new escape game by Flonga. You live next to a mad scientist. Your brother dared you to go take a look inside so you went to peek through the basement window. And you saw a strange covered body in there. You were so scared that you lost your balance and fell inside!

Escape Mad Scientist Workshop Walkthrough

Catastrophe Escape is new point and click game by Coolbuddy. I was on the road all day. There was no sign of a gas station. Petrol was already on reserves. I finally came across an abandoned gas station. And I soon realized why it was abandoned. There's a huge tornado coming this way.

Catastrophe Escape Walkthrough

Escape From Flat Livingroom is another escaping game by YoopyGames. Find all the clues and objects carefully hidden, collect and match all founded objects. Find the correctly combinations and solve all the puzzles with the clues. Have fun.

Escape From Flat Livingroom Walkthrough

Escape From Amazon Forest is funny escape game by Eightgames. The Amazon forest is a magnificent broad-leafed rainforest in the heart of Brazil. You decided to go for some adventurous trip with your friends. Unfortunately, you lost from your group and now you are alone. Have fun.

Escape From Amazon Forest Walkthrough

Escape From Jefferson Fort is new escape game by Eightgames. A tourist visited the Jefferson fort during the closing hours. When the time was up, he found that he was left alone in the fort. There are some hints, objects and puzzles. Find those hints, objects, solve these puzzles and help the man to come out.

Escape From Jefferson Fort Walkthrough

Escape Plan: Temple is easy but cool escaping game by OY1. You've always been a great fan of temples. Today is the day you can explore a real one, because someone you know kidnapped you and put you in a temple! You need to find clues and collect pieces to escape this temple! Have fun.

Escape Plan: The Temple Walkthrough

Kitty Escape Leprechauns is new online point and click game by Wowescape. Would you like to play a funny game? Here you are. He loves that kitty so much but don't know how to show his love. So he always kept that kitty with himself. Even in night time that boy tied the kitty with the chain.

Kitty Escape Walkthrough

Escape From Dwellers Hut In Paris is amazing point and click game by Eightgames. You are in a trip to Paris. While roaming around the outskirts of Paris, you enter into the village which is the land of dwellers hut. You are caughtup there. You are left with clues and puzzles and objects.

Escape From Dwellers Hut In Paris Walkthrough

Escape From Terrace is new escape game by games2jolly. He missed the door key. The door is locked automatically. he wants to escape from the terrace. So use your perception to find the hidden objects and solve the puzzles to find out the source to escape from the terrace. Have fun.

Escape From Terrace Walkthrough

Escape the Amazing Garden is fantasy escaping game by Flonga. You were visiting this amazing garden. Everything was so beautiful in this natural maze that you felt suddenly very tired. You sat down on a bench for a few minutes but you must have fallen asleep. Have fun.

Escape the Amazing Garden Walkthrough

Engineer Rescue is colorful and funny escape game by games2jolly. There was a big team constructing a building. The working process is going on. But one day, unexpectedly engineer has been stuck in between the wood. He was hanging and no one can't help in this time.

Engineer Rescue Walkthrough

Escape Area 15 is another escaping game by Melting-Mindz. How far is it from here to your planet? Would you like to go to your planet quickly? Let's do it. You are stuck here in Area 15! You have to find a way to escape and get back to your planet! Look around and see what useful human items you can find.

Escape Area 15 Walkthrough

Monkey GO Happy Talisman is challengeable online point and click game by Pencilkids. Where is the monkey? Please find it. Explore the strange world of Swampville and recover the talisman to make the Monkey GO Happy! Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Have fun.

Monkey GO Happy Talisman Walkthrough

Magician Room Escape 2 is new point and click game by Eightgames. James one of the famous magicians who was in his home remembered that he had to go for his next show. While he tried to open the door something went amiss and he could not open it. There are some clues and objects left.

Magician Room Escape 2 Walkthrough

Scientist Rescue is colorful monster game by games2jolly. He's currently working on a project to develop a mutative creature. While he was working something went wrong and the mutative creature turned violent. He have no other way to escape from that creature.

Scientist Rescue Walkthrough

Kings Secret Tunnel Escape is new escaping game by Eightgames. A king got a message from his spy that his enemy is coming to capture his kingdom. There is no time to assemble the soldiers to put up a fight and save his kingdom. So he planned to escape through the secret tunnel. Have fun.

Kings Secret Tunnel Escape Walkthrough

Escape: The Old Man is cool escape game by 123Bee. An old man goes for a walk and suddenly falls unconscious. After some time, when he wakes up, he finds himself in a strange house with no people. He then decides to escape from the house before something happens.

The Old Man Escape Walkthrough

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