Escape Crazy Castle

Escape Crazy Castle is new point and click game by Flonga. He stopped to drink water from a well, but he felt tired afterwards so he sat down to take a rest. A troll was watching him from behind the trees. He kidnapped the knight and locked him in a castle. Have fun.

Escape Crazy Castle Walkthrough

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1 Comment

  1. Unknown says:

    Okay, a whole heap of issues here.
    1) Clicking on the orange banner does nothing (have to click just beneath it).
    1) Why can't I drink the growth potion to reach the lever?
    2) Why couldn't I cut through the painting, or pry it away, with my sword?
    3) Riddle solution is HAND, yet the clue letters say HNAD when put together. Is it intentional?
    4) Must light torches, candle provides no light for some reason.

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